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Linear actuators that mimic human touch!

SMAC have introduced the new LPL32 linear actuator and LPS30 linear slide actuator, each designed to mimic the touch of human fingers. From testing smartphones to vehicle controls, even down to the smallest of watch parts, the demand for haptic devices – those that apply force and motions that replicate the touch of human fingers – is soaring in today’s manufacturing landscape.

Haptic applications have specific force requirements. LPL and LPS Series actuators, which are designed to replace air cylinders, leverage a DC linear servo motor and are fully programmable for precise force control. The LPL32 and LPS32 are used for an array of haptic applications, from testing the pressure and motion needed to activate functions on smartphone screens, to repeatedly flipping switches to test durability.

SMAC’s actuators feature soft-land capabilities, which allow a robot to gently locate a solid surface, recognize it and seamlessly perform its task. As the actuators work, they collect real-time data-enabling built-in controllers to make informed decisions and take immediate action.

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