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Vibration Control In Manufacturing & Ultrasonic Assistance

Many tooling systems can be improved by controlling vibration to assist in the process, either by vibration assistance or by reducing unwanted vibrations. We can supply piezoelectric, magnetostrictive and magnetic actuators which can control and direct vibration to where it is best used. We can work with frequencies ranging from tens of Hertz up to ultrasonic, with strokes from tens of microns to millimeters.


Vibration assisted machining: The application of forced vibrations in machining processes enables the tools to drill better quality holes, faster and with no lubricant. Several projects Vibration assisted toolingusing the technology are demonstrating noticable gains with vibration assistance when compared to conventional drilling. High-amplitude forced vibrations up to 1kHz have proven effective and are now industrially feasible.


In machining processes, unwanted vibrations can increase tool wear and impact upon surface quality and accuracy. Vibration damping, either by direct control or by using counter-mass architecture, will improve speed, quality and throughput.

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