Case Studies Motion Control

ORLIN provides a personal, reliable, professional service to our customers and has been in business for over a decade. Some case studies of our applications in use 

demonstrate our fantastic track record of satisfied customers.

The versatility and success of ORLIN’s products is shown in case studies from the different industries we work within.

Case Studies

Chip mounting – The patented SoftLand feature of a linear actuator precisely picks and places microchips onto boards. Production speed is over 10 parts per second.

Medical device assembly – SMAC actuators assemble and test medical parts including catheters, stoma bags and medical needles, to a high standard. Our devices also provide instant inspection feedback data and the use of voice-coil actuators maintains a sterile environment.

Microscope slide assembly – the safety of delicate parts is ensured by our patented SoftLand Technology for gentle touchdown

Screen printing A consistent pressure is achieved when printing circuit boards by using two voice-coil actuators. In this example, the force is adjusted dynamically, achieving a perfect result.

Screw thread checking – High-value parts in the automotive industry are traditionally checked by hand. The ORLIN Screw-Thread checker automates this process therefore improving reliability and speed while reducing labour costs.

More case studies are available through some of our supplier partners, CEDRAT Technologies and SMAC MCA.