The modern manufacture of medical equipment such as surgical needles, medical catheters and other disposable parts have high manufacturing standards. Rigorous production and test procedures are a necessity to maintain high quality products and to meet exacting standards. A modern production line needs to maintain a high speed, while ensuring a 100% quality inspection of parts to guarantee results. There is often a requirement to collect and store inspection data for process control to prove the quality of the product which can also be offered with our bespoke GUI.


SMAC LAL-37 is able to pick and place a part into an assembly line, apply force (punch a hole, crimp a part, place an eyelet etc) and to then check the position of the finished assembly. The position can be measured to 5 microns and parts can be assembled precisely in the position specified. 100% of the data from the assembly and inspection of parts can be saved for later inspection. The assembly machine can be easily reconfigured for many different parts.

Medical Assembly

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